This RB25 VCT Relocation Kit is designed so that you can relocate the solenoid from the head. There are many reasons why you need this kit.

  • Retain VCT when Installing ITB’s/ RB26 intake manifold with out having to modify the water neck.
  • Adding VCT to other RB heads that previously didn’t have the feature. RB20 & RB26
  • Retain VCT with an RB30 Block

Currently this kit is only for the RB25 S1 & S2 heads. NEO6 kits will be available in the future.

This kit comes with:

  • Solenoid insert with 2 o rings & 1x 1/8 NPT port
  • Solenoid relocation block with 4x 1/8 NPT ports

When installing the VCT relocation kit work out where everything will be placed in your engine bay & then measure & make up -4 lines to suit. We also recommend you prime the kit with oil to help bleed the lines to prevent a delay during the first VCT trigger after installing the relocation kit. The extra ports on the relocation block are for you to use for sensors or being able to position your feed lines from different angles depending on the orientation of how you mount it. If you don’t have a use for the extra ports you can simply put in grub screws to cap them off.

This RB25 VCT Relocation Kit was designed in Australia by Otaku Garage and is fully produced in Australia! RND & testing was carried out in Japan & the USA with RB’s pushing well over 600HP!