Otaku Garage おたくガレージ sells Japanese High Performance parts, builds/ rebuilds engines, does all servicing from a simple routine maintenance service to full engine & drive train conversions.

The Japanese performance specialists

Otaku おたく is a Japanese term for people with obsessive interests, commonly in the anime and manga fandom. It essentially translates to nerd/ geek in English. When we thought about naming our Japanese high performance garage we decided that this was the best way to describe our obsessive interest in Japan & the cars from there.

While Otaku Garage specialises in Japanese Performance this doesn’t mean it limits our scope of servicing or ability to work on any other make or model. No matter the car make or model we are equipped with the latest tools & technology to have your car repaired & serviced professionally with the best customer service to offer & a competitive labour rate. Make your next mechanical experience the #OtakuExperience.

ABN: 77 600 451 027

Otaku Garage
Otaku Garage in Japan

Who is Otaku Garage?

Otaku Garage おたくガレージ was founded by two individuals who are passionate about all things automotive. When it came time to name the business one of the owners was in the process of learning Japanese and thought about calling the business Otaku Garage おたくガレージ as Otaku おたく translates to obsession & it was clearly the best way to describe our love for cars and the passion we have for the JDM (Japan Domestic Market) industry.

The two owners of Otaku Garage  not only wanted to have a mechanical garage, but a workshop where you can have your car built from the ground up. This means that the future of Otaku Garage is huge. The owners also wanted to help the community and help young troubled teens get their lives back on track. Otaku Garage offers work experience and life mentoring to these teens and helps them get back on their feet. You can read about it more from a news article published in 2014 – Otaku Garage a JDM Garage with a twist

In 2015 One of the owners of Otaku Garage おたくガレージ moved to Japan to start Otaku Garage Japan. Otaku Garage Japan is our Japan base which creates a way for us to import parts and cars from Japan making sure the price and quality is what it should be.

Over all Otaku Garage was created to set the bar and example of how all mechanical repair garages should treat their customers. Otaku Garage pride themselves on being the best in customer service and making sure that our customers experience honesty, accurate advice and recommendations.

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