• The feedback we are getting from customers about our new intake manifolds we have brought to the market here in Australia is amazing! We are all about genuine brands & high quality parts but we found that there was a serious lacking in a fairly priced forward facing intake manifold for most of the import model cars. Made to order. ETA is 6-8 weeks
  • One of the biggest issues with the Greddy intake manifold kit or others like it is that the IACV flange is suited for the Series 1 or 2 RB25DET.  If you have a R34 or WNC34 with a RB25DET NEO Engine then you have a completely different Idle Air Control Valve (IACV) & if you wanted to use these forward facing plenums you would heave to buy the old series 1 or 2 one & re-wire that in.
  • Link Engine Management Plug-in ECU Kit

    This LINK ECU kit comes with everything you need to get your car running with your new LINK ECU & take advantage of it's most important but basic features.
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