Why The Twin Turbo 180SX Wasn’t Running At Drift Matsuri

This year has been a massive year for us at Otaku Garage. The company has grown exponentially & we have been flat out non stop. As a young business man I find that I am always learning & the biggest lesson I learned this year is that sometimes things don't go as planned. A fairly [...]

Servicing Your Car

Over the years that Otaku Garage has been running we have found that many customers often ask the questions "What is a service?" & "Why do I need to service my car?". To someone that is "car savvy" you might consider this common sense, but in reality it's something that isn't widely educated & should not [...]

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200SX S13 Otaku Garage Drift Car Update

Its been quite a while since the last update on the 200sx S13 Drift Car. This is because we got extremely busy & as you know one of the owners moved to Japan to run Otaku Garage Japan.  So lets give you an update. Before we get started lets talk about the car for a [...]

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Otaku Garage Japan

Otaku Garage is growing & now we have a location & staff in Tokyo, Japan. Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan - Photo taken by Sammit This means for our customers that we can directly source parts in Japan & ship them back to Australia. Second hand & Brand New parts, all the rare JDM parts [...]

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