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Otaku Garage Yahoo Auctions Service

Yahoo Auctions is well known for having secondhand & new car parts listed for sale. You can find rare JDM car parts that aren’t freely available in your country. Unfortunately the whole site is in Japanese & there is no international shipping.

Otaku Garage’s Yahoo Auctions Service allows you to purchase these items & have them shipped to you outside of Japan. We purchase the item for you & it is shipped to our Japan location. Then once it is checked & given the all clear it is shipped to your door via EMS Express International Courier with tracking. The whole service is $49.95 which guarantee’s that you are getting what you want with the quality that you want. This fee covers you for up to 3 regular items.

If you want to have a look at Yahoo Auctions Click Here & see if you can find what you want to help speed up the process by entering the link of the item in the form below.

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Otaku Garage will endeavour to reply to your Yahoo Auctions request within 24 hrs. Please note that nothing is ordered without payment first. Once the order has been placed & processed it is final.  If you do not win the auction & we cannot find another item your money will be refunded within 24hrs.