The Otaku Garage Meet was our way of creating a social event for car enthusiasts to come & hang out, show their cars off, get inspiration, have a good time and be apart of the Otaku Garage movement.

おたくOtaku translates to obsession in english and when it comes to car enthusiasts we think its safe to say that this is a good way to describe our love for our cars. “A Healthy Obsession”

Otaku Garage meets blew up, literally. The first meet was a spontaneous post on our Facebook page saying “Hey guys I want to do a photoshoot meet tonight. I need some pictures for our website to promote our stickers”. I had no idea that the carpark I had organised with 60 spots would be full & overflowing into the street. From there I started monthly meets & organised with Bunnings North Lakes to hold our meets there. Every meet we held, it doubled each time. The most recent meet we had 500+ people & 300 cars turn up.

Otaku Garage Meets

This meant that we had to look for a new location/ venue for the Otaku Garage Meet and that we had to re-think the way we hold the Otaku Garage Meet. At this time I was in the process of packing up & moving to Japan which meant that things got even more complicated for me to organise another event.

So here is the news you all want to here.

The Otaku Garage Meet is coming back but like you’ve never seen it. I will be flying in from Tokyo every 3 months for a week to film new episodes and video projects for Otaku Garage’s YouTube Channel. I will also during this week be organising the Otaku Garage Meet to be held.

What does this mean?

It means that Otaku Garage Meets will be HUGE! We will be hosting the meet at local show grounds around Brisbane & inviting everyone all around Australia to come join us for the meet. We will be able to have up to 2000 cars come. There will be all kinds of things happening during the meet. Car & Bike Shows, Store Outlets, DJ, Chance to win awards, Food, Dyno Competitions, Racing & Drifting Simulators & much much more. This will mean that the Otaku Garage Meet will no longer be free. It will be $5.00 per person upon entering the gates. This will go towards paying for the rent of the venue, the staff and all the amazing events going on during the day.

When will this start?

This will be starting from 2016 because of how flat out I am here in Japan with settling in & starting up Otaku Garage Japan. It also doesn’t help that im getting married & have a heap of wedding planing going on so please bare with me & give me some sympathy. (planning weddings are hard especially in a country you just moved to)

So for now we will try to hold another Otaku Garage Meet back at Bunnings the old way.  This will be after September when everything has calmed down from the wedding and SamV is back after being my best man etc.

What can you do right now?

Start working on your car so it will look its best, Tell all your friends that the Otaku Garage Meet is coming back, Buy a awesome Otaku Garage SnapBack & rep us hardcore!, Cover your car in our stickers and become the ultimate fanboy or fangirl (senpai will notice you), But above all things modify your car to how you want it.


Have fun & remember, When in doubt Drift it Out.
(like this verse from the drifting bible & want more? message this chick)


Sam Lucas
Otaku Garage – Japan