Otaku Garage Japan is going amazing and some of the perks of living in Japan is the car related events here. This week I went to the 44th annual Tokyo Motor Show 2015 and it was full of all the latest and greatest new concept cars for the future from all of the car manufactures.

Tokyo Motor Show

The Tokyo Motor Show this year had the theme of “your heart will race” and its safe to say with the concept cars I saw my heart raced.
The first concept car I laid eyes on was this crazy looking Toyota KIKAI. It seemed to be a cross of a old classic car with modern technology. It honestly reminded me of a sand dune buggy but dang it just screams out uniqueness everywhere.

Toyota KiKai Concept Toyota KiKaiKiKai Engine

The next thing that caught my eye was the Yamaha MotoBot. You may have seen the video that Yamaha released challenging Valentino Rossi. MotoBot says he wants to surpass him in the video. Although they show footage of MotoBot riding the bike I am yet convinced it can travel or race at any decent speeds. It doesn’t even appear that the bot can lean, so it still has a lot of development to go. But saying this its an exciting thing seeing robotics getting to this level.

Yamaha MotoBotYamaha MotoBot Controls

I have never been a fan of Daihatsu but their concept cars are really interesting. Especially the Daihatsu Nori Ori (bright green van) and the D-base.  I couldn’t help but imagine what the streets of Tokyo would look like with these bright coloured cars driving around everywhere and it really got me thinking about the future and what its going to look like.

Daihatsu Nori OriDaihatsu D-base


It wasn’t just cars that you saw everywhere. There were stands for all the major brands of car part manufactures. Pretty much if there was a company that made any form of OEM parts they were there.

Electric Power Steering Rack

Honda had a huge setup… but there wasn’t a single unicorn insight. Unfortunately they really didn’t have anything that didn’t already look like what they currently have. So I moved on fairly quickly to Mazda.

Honda Tokyo Motor Show

Mazda had their new MX5 Miata on display in all different forms. One being a fully track spec’ed out for racing. But what really caught my attention was the concept for the new RX-Vision which has a rotary under hood. Unfortunately they are still keeping the specifics about the engine hush hush which was a bit of a downer but they definitely have my interest peaked!

Mazda RX VisionMazda RX-Vision - Tokyo Motor Show

I finally decided it was time to visit Nissan. Save the best to last as the say.  By far Nissan had the best performance and setup at the Tokyo Motor Show. Putting aside the dancers and their epic routine they introduced us to the future right before our eyes. The Nissan IDS is a car that drives by it self. Yes thats right, it does not need a driver. They did a demonstration on the stage as an example and it was a pretty awesome site to see. If you are thinking that there is no fun in having a car that you can’t drive yourself. Don’t worry, The Nissan IDS has a manual option and a steering wheel comes out of the dash.

From here I went straight towards the Nissan Nismo signs and spent the next 30 minuets drooling over what they had on display. Nismo editions of all of their current high end performance cars! The highlight obviously being the Nismo R35 GTR.

Nissan Nismo GTR R35 - Tokyo Motor ShowNissan Nismo R35 GTRNissan R35 Nismo GTRNissan R35 GTR NismoNissan R35 GTR Nismo Carbon Fibre Spoiler

After I snapped a few shots of the Nismo R35 GTR I discovered that they had tucked away behind it the Grand Turismo GTR Concept Car. The rear end is pure amaze balls!

Grand Turismo Nissan GTR Grand Turismo GTR

All in all the Tokyo Motor Show was amazing and I am pumped to go again next year.

Tokyo Motor Show


Here is a gallery of some more pictures from the day.