The Tokyo Auto Salon was this weekend in Tokyo, Japan and Otaku Garage was there to connect with some of the big brands and legends in the JDM world.

The Tokyo Auto Salon is something every car enthusiast should go to at least once in their life. It’s full of everything you could imagine car scene related & if you can get past all the creepy Japanese guys fighting to take pictures of Japanese models wearing next to no clothing you’ll be fine. So while they were taking shots of the girls I was taking shots of the cars & getting yelled at if I got in the way of their FAP pictures for later…

Here are some pictures I took at the Tokyo Auto Salon.

I wish I was able to take more pictures for you guys but I had some business meetings with Greddy & Yashio Factory. After talking with Yashio Factory’s owner aka OkaChan. We are now becoming the first offical international dealers of Yashio Factory products! Okachan is a very nice guy & introduced us to Keiichi Tsuchiya. After taking a quick photo with him both Keiichi Tsuchiya & Okachan autographed an Otaku Garage Snapback for us to put up on display at our workshop.

So after an epic day of dealing with human traffic jams, amazing cars, parts & everything else. I jumped back on the train & headed back into Tokyo. The Tokyo Auto Salon is hands down the best Automotive show or expedition you will ever experience. Make sure you check it out before you leave this world.


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