Dori Dore! – The drift & dress event of Japan

In Australia probably the best drift events we have are the Drift Matsuri's that happen across the country. When I attended my first drift matsuri it was at Queensland Raceway. I loved every moment of it. But recently, I experienced a drift event in Japan that had me so excited & adrenaline pumped that I [...]

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Tokyo Motor Show 2015

Otaku Garage Japan is going amazing and some of the perks of living in Japan is the car related events here. This week I went to the 44th annual Tokyo Motor Show 2015 and it was full of all the latest and greatest new concept cars for the future from all of the car manufactures. [...]

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Otaku Garage Japan

Otaku Garage is growing & now we have a location & staff in Tokyo, Japan. Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan - Photo taken by Sammit This means for our customers that we can directly source parts in Japan & ship them back to Australia. Second hand & Brand New parts, all the rare JDM parts [...]

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