Over the years that Otaku Garage has been running we have found that many customers often ask the questions “What is a service?” & “Why do I need to service my car?”.

To someone that is “car savvy” you might consider this common sense, but in reality it’s something that isn’t widely educated & should not be taken for granted.

We wanted to take the time to write this information for everyone to help you better understand your car & why servicing is the most important thing you need to do when owning a car.


We drive our cars daily, but many people do not have their car serviced regularly? Ultimately, not regularly servicing can lead to significant, sometimes unexpected and costly repairs.
Apart from changing the engine oil & oil filter, a full service will pick up any potential problems with the cooling system including leaks from the radiator, radiator cap, water pump, cylinder head or gasket and hoses. A full service will also tell you the condition of the brake pads, battery condition, air filter, steering alignment, tyre tread depth, suspension condition, oil leaks of any sort, exhaust leaks or corrosion, any cracked or worn-down bushes, belts, etc. A full service will also include level checks of all vital fluids such as your brake fluid, clutch fluid, power steering fluid, washer fluid, engine oil, diff and transmission/gearbox oils, etc. Coolant is another critical fluid to a car’s performance and engine longevity. Coolant degrades over time and loses its ability to inhibit corrosion inside the engine and also its cooling efficiency. If your cooling system has only water, rust, corrosion or any leaks this could cause your car to overheat badly and if left to long can cause extreme damage to the engine.


Changing your oil & oil filter are the most important part of a service. After time, sludge can build up inside the engine & cause the internal parts of the engine to not be sufficiently lubricated, stopping the engine from moving freely and very likely causing engine failure. Changing the oil & filter regularly will improve your car’s performance and contribute to engine longevity.
Servicing should be done regularly to ensure vital safety components are working to the absolute highest of standards and are 100% effective in order to keep you safe and sound. Brake pads & rotors need to be checked every service to make sure they’re working the way they should be. All headlights, park lights, brake lights, reverse & tail lights, number plate lights and any fog/running lights need to be checked to make sure they are all working, legal and safely installed. All seat belts should inspected & checked over every service as these can wear and tear like most other components.
Air & cabin filters should be cleaned and replaced accordingly every service to ensure a clean air intake for the absolute best performance and fuel economy.
Checking, tightening and replacing the belts if necessary is also a vital step in a service. Loose, warn and cracked belts can cause further issues and expensive & time-consuming repairs.
Tyre tread & age will always be checked and tyre pressures should be adjusted accordingly.


Yes! Any make and model of car is welcomed at Otaku Garage. Everything from Ford, Holden, Nissan, Toyota, all the way to Great Wall, Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, Renault, Mercedes, and more! We do not have any rules on what sort of car you need to have to visit us. Any passenger car, 4×4, sports car, performance car, classic car is welcome at Otaku Garage. We love each and every car like it’s one of our own.


All servicing starts from $129. The cost of oil & fluids, filters, and any necessary parts needed to complete the service depend on every single vehicle. Some cars take only 3 litres of oil whereas some 4×4’s and larger vehicles take around 6 litres. Sometimes the air filter can be cleaned whereas when it can no longer be cleaned any more, it will need to be replaced. If any additional parts are required during your service, one of our friendly staff will give you a call and let you know before proceeding.



Everyone from our owners, to our mechanics, down to our administration all have performance cars and will love your car no matter the make or model, as if it were one of their own. We will check over every inch of your car to make sure there are no problems or potential problems because we too know how it feels to be stuck on the side of the road with a broken car. Nobody likes nasty surprises that involve expensive repairs. Most other mechanics will just change your oil, filter, top up any fluids and send you on your way. As car enthusiasts here, it comes natural for each of us to want to take the absolute best care of your car possible and make sure every problem, big or even the smallest is brought to your attention. We notice the fine details such as every little noise, knock, odd feeling, unbalanced wheel, etc.


Well, there are a few options on how to go about booking your car in with us for a service or any other mechanical repairs:
-You can give us a call on (07) 5400 5674
-You can email us at [email protected]
-You can fill out this ONLINE SERVICE FORM
-Or, you can simply walk in and ask us about an available spot.