Yashio Factory Okachan Water Temp Meter 3

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The Yashio Factory Okachan Water Temp Meter 3 really stands out in your interior

Available on back-order

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Otaku Garage - Yashio Factory

The Yashio Factory Okachan Water Temp Meter 3 really stands out in your interior. Everyone loves those rare #PinkBits.

Similar to the previous versions, it simply plugs into the Consult Port and allows the unit to display 19 real-time sensor readings, including the water temperature. In addition to a 1-channel display, a 2-channel display and a multi-channel display are also possible. Warning settings for each channel and a fuel map display can also be displayed in real-time. In addition, an active test function is also available to allow fuel pump/cylinder tests.

Available channels include water temperature, RPM, vehicle speed, battery voltage, throttle voltage, airflow voltage (single or twin MAF), 02 sensor voltage (single or two sensors), AAC voltage, injector duty, ignition timing, A/F correction, intake air temperature, power steering, and A/C.

This unit will only work in Nissan models with a functioning Consult port. If you have an Apexi Power FC installed this until will not function correctly.

**Please note, currently only the Japanese version available. The English software update will be released in the future, where you can update the firmware by USB.

Yashio Factory is well known for making some of the best quality parts money can buy for Nissans. Not only are YF parts pleasing to the eye but they are also made with the best materials and hardware. YF spend countless hours and days testing their products before they even make it to the shelves for sale in Japan. This is one of the reasons why YF parts are so sought after throughout Japan.

Otaku Garage - Yashio Factory

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