Fully recirculating valve. A quiet alternative to the atmospheric BOV, the Plumb Back systems vents all excess pressure back into the intake system.

Available in: Blue or Black

Please put your preferred colour in the notes section at the checkout, otherwise default blue will be sent

The 38mm measurement refers to the plumb back hose size. This BOV can be attached to intercooler piping via the supplied 38mm weld-on adaptor, or via a 38mm silicone hose. A profiled inlet flange adaptor can also be purchased to make welding to the intercooler piping a little easier & neater (see related items).

Ideal for cars with sensitive Air-Flow systems and off-road applications as the fully-sealed design of the Plumb Back prevents any foreign matter entering the system.

Supplied With:

  • Quick-Release V-Band Clamp, Red Spring Rated -17 to -14 InHg (installed), 38mm plumb back fitting, 38mm weld-on adapter