R33/R34/C34/C35/WC34 RB25DET


The boost build up is neither sluggish nor abrupt; we have designed this to be natural and smooth. This characteristic provides a stress free driving experience with easy vehicle operation.

To achieve an increased peak power with the various restrictions such as the turbo size limit is considered a great achievement. We are also proud of the perfectly instant response where there is no lag and no abrupt boost pressures.

It is evident that the stock turbocharger cannot maintain or extend boost pressure above 5,500 RPMs. The M8265 has the capacity to far extend this limit, making it an ideal step for further advanced tuning.

100% BOLT ON

The ARMS series turbo kits all come supplied with all the required gaskets and fitting accessories for a true bolt on application out of the box. So it can be installed immediately without the need to hunt for other parts.


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