After 22 years of the RB26 first debut. The impression left has lead many people are still enjoying tuning. At TOMEI, we wanted to see more users enjoy tuning their engines, so we continued development on new products. During the development process, with such diverse testing of housings, turbine wheels, and actuators was completed both on the engine bench Dyno and on actual use on a vehicle. The usual surging that is common with twin Turbos was suppressed. The right turbo design was made that will spool all the way up to high rpm as intended for the RB26 was completed. Up until now, when aiming for higher output power of more than 600ps, larger modifications were needed to the exhaust manifold for an additional waste gate, which also increased costs. But now, this turbo kit is compatible with the stock exhaust manifold, and it is a 100% true bolt-on application that can potentially deliver more than 650ps (M8260).



Without losing mid range speed transient characteristics, the boost will reach the 4500rpm range with ease. Even from there, it can suddenly spool up to higher rpm range without losing boost. Delivers vicious acceleration that is what RB26 owners want to have.

The ARMS series turbo kits all come supplied with all the required gaskets and fitting accessories for a true bolt on application out of the box. So it can be installed immediately without the need to hunt for other parts.

The ARMS RB26 M7655/8260 Turbine Kits come with a 1 year limited warranty after the product has been registered with Tomei Powered.

Tomei ARMS 7655 Turbo Kit RB26DETT


Tomei ARMS M7655 Turbo Kit RB26DETT


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