S & R Chassis Dual Rear Brake Caliper Kit

This dual rear brake caliper kit is suited for S & R Chassis. It’s for mounting dual S-chassis single piston or the R-chassis 2 piston rear calipers & rotors off the S13, S14, S15, R32, R33, R34 onto the factory Nissan hub/ knuckles. It’s compatible with 4 or 5 stud hubs.


The kit comes with:

2x  backing mild steel plates powder coated orange
2x rotor mild steel spacers powder coated orange
Mounting hardware, high tensile bolts & locking washers


To install this kit you need to cut off the factory brake caliper mounts from your hub. We recommend using the skyline model caliper for your main brake caliper & then for the hydro caliper use the single piston S chassis caliper.

You can use 2 skyline calipers but you will need to grind some material off the caliper you want to use for the hydro so it will clear.

If you are using  R chassis calipers you won’t be able to retain the factory hand brake. If you use the S chassis calipers you can retain it.

This kit isn’t just a bolt on & go kit. Modifications are required as described & because the law varies depending on state & country, this kit is not for street use, It’s for track cars.