Performance Upgrades

We are the Japanese performance specialists and understand that for motor enthusiasts “stock” is never enough. Otaku Garage is definitely the workshop for you. Dyno Tuning, Engine Rebuilds, Fabrication, Exhaust Upgrades, Forced Induction Performance Packages and more. Otaku Garage is obsessed with building high quality & unique cars at the customers discretion.

Performance Upgrades are for when you are wanting to increase the performance of your car. This doesn’t just mean making your car faster. Performance Upgrades can be a number of things from upgrading your suspension to coilovers & all adjustable arms & rods, brake upgrades, clutch upgrades, turbo upgrades to body aero upgrades. The list is endless, regardless whether you are just after the parts or a full package & install Otaku Garage has you covered.

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