Parts from Japan

Used JDM Car Parts From Japan

Otaku Garage have a location & staff in Japan. This means that we are shipping parts directly from Japan, handled by our own staff that are trained and know exactly what to look for. Otaku Garage understand that car enthusiasts need to be able to order parts directly from Japan so they can get those rare JDM sought after parts.

This service is for large items that need to be sent in our shipping container. Example: Engines, Gearboxes, Body kits & panels etc. For any items that are small enough in size to be air freighted we highly recommend you use CROOOOBER. Croooober is an online marketplace that many JDM used car parts stores in japan sell their items on. For example all items UP GARAGE have in stock are listed on Croooober. Check out the best online marketplace for Used JDM Car Parts by Clicking Here.

For large items to be packed into our shipping container then please fill out the form below to start the order process.

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Otaku Garage will endeavour to reply to your parts request within 24 hrs. Please note that nothing is ordered without payment first. Once the order has been placed & processed it is final.  If there are any problems or delays with the order we will let you know right away & communicate every step of the process with you.