Otaku Garage is growing & now we have a location & staff in Tokyo, Japan.

Otaku Garage Japan

Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan – Photo taken by Sammit

This means for our customers that we can directly source parts in Japan & ship them back to Australia.
Second hand & Brand New parts, all the rare JDM parts that everyone loves & more!

Yahoo Auctions is a great place for finding all of these parts. We are happy to announce that we now have a Yahoo Auctions service available. (click here to find out more)
We also now have direct accounts with a lot of Japanese suppliers like Takata, Bride, Sparco, Cusco, Nismo, DMax, HKS, Yashio Factory, ETC

Otaku Garage really is the best place for you to go see, if you are wanting to build your dream car. We will supply you with the best quality of parts & professionally fit them.
We are the Japanese Performance Specialists & we always strive to make sure our customers are happy.


Once again, Thank you to our customers & your support.

Kind Regards
Otaku Garage Directors