While kids were waking up early, bashing on their parents bedrooms doors or jumping on their beds to wake them up so they could open their presents and start using their new & highly flammable “hover board”. I was on my way to Yokohama to the Nissan Global Headquarters.

Christmas in Japan is not a public holiday at all. In fact its only been celebrated with a lot of customs from western countries like cards, presents, carols etc in the last decade or so. Probably the most bizarre christmas tradition here is everyone goes & eats KFC for Christmas. I kid you not! You should see the ads here for it. KFC pretty much owns Christmas day. So anyways everything is open as per normal.

The first thing I saw was the Nissan skyscraper. This was enough to get me excited & before I knew it I was acting like a kid in a candy store.

Nissan Global Head Quarters

Nissan Global Headquarters


The gallery section of the headquarters has pretty much all the new Nissan models on show & memorabilia from the Nissan Racing Team.

Nissan Global Headquarters

Nissan Global Headquarters

The most exciting part of the gallery is of course the things they hide away in the back. I came across the Nismo Racing Teams Nissan R33 GTR with a crazy wide body kit!

Parked next to the R33 GTR is the Nissan racing teams Datsun 240RS / Sylvia 240RS (1983)

After drooling over these 2 cars I had realised my wife Mayumi had disappeared. So I walked around to see where she had gone. I found her sitting in the 2016 Nissan R35 GTR. She can’t wait to get one in the future & is star struck on the Nismo edition R35 GTR. I feel like I should insert a bit of relationship advice here…. (If a girl tells you her dream car is a GTR put a ring on her!)

Nissan R35 GTR Nissan R35 GTR


Across from the R35 GTR is the Nissan Store. In this store you will find a heap of awesome accessories, shirts, jackets, racing suits, random Nissan & Nismo branded tools… etc My favourite part is the Nismo dedicated section.

All in all I think my Christmas Day was awesome. This Nissan Global Headquarters is great & you can easily a few hours there checking out the awesome things they have setup on display etc.

This was the perfect teaser for where I am heading next. The Nismo Omori Factory. Yes thats right the place where all the Nismo parts are manufactured & then shipped out all around the world to be installed in Nissan street & track cars! The Nismo Factory is actually only 15 min from the Global Headquarters. Which is perfect because it means you can go to both places in one day!

But you will have to wait till next time before you can read about the Nismo Ormori Factory & see it. All I can say is bring a bib because you’re going to make a mess drooling everywhere.

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