Otaku Garage Japan this week went to the Nismo Omori Factory. The Nismo Omori Factory is the Nismo Global Headquarters. The Omori Factory is where Nismo makes all of their parts, builds all of their engines, cars & accessories. Their facility is also equipped with all the equipment needed to test & tune the cars they build & work on. If you have ever bought a Nismo part for your car it’s more then likely it came from here.

Nismo Omori Factory

The Nismo Omori Factory wasn’t originally in Yokohama. It was in Tokyo & only in the last few years it was moved to Yokohama to be closer to the Nissan Global Headquarters. They are a 10 minute drive from each other & if you are ever going to visit Japan I recommend you plan to do both in one day as they are so close to each other. We wrote a blog on our visit to the Nissan Global Headquarters check it out when you’re done reading this one.

Nismo Omori Factory

Getting to the Nismo Omori Factory by public transport from Tokyo is pretty easy. But the last part of the trip is a bit difficult if you can’t read the language. So I would recommend once you get to the closest station which is Namamugi  you just walk out to the street & grab a taxi. The whole trip will involve 3 – 4 trains & 1 bus depending on where in Tokyo you are coming from.

Nismo Omori Factory

When you get to the Nismo Omori Factory, walk into the carpark until you see a red corridor with the Nismo & then from there walk right in. Well thats if you can get past the cars in the carpark. Most of the time they are full of Nismo edition cars like the 350Z, 370Z etc. Once you get inside the place is just amazing. So many things that you wish you could justify buying but you just can’t unless you win the lottery haha. But yes you can buy all the Nismo goodies here as well, they aren’t just on show.

If you are a true Godzilla fan the first thing that will catch your attention is the Nismo Omori Factory crate engines on display. The Nismo R2 & then is little brother the Nismo S2. Both are something that any GTR owner would want to have under their hood. From here the Nismo Ztune R34 GTR caught my eye. I couldn’t rush over to it fast enough to get some photos of it!

Nismo ZTune R34 GTR - Nismo Omori Factory

During my visit, there was not one but two Ztune BNR34’s at the Nismo Omori Factory. It’s rare enough to see one, but two in the same place! I was in heaven. Later I was told that one of them was for sale by the sales clerk. I had to fight the urge to sell everything I own to afford it. (Just to give you an idea on the price for it, its equivalent to buying a brand new Nissan Nismo Edition R35 GTR.)

Nismo Omori Factory-10

After talking with the international sales manager & some business related chats that will bore you I finished went over to check out the very first prototype for the Nismo VR38DETT. This is the engine that is in the Nissan R35 GTR. It has a stamped plate on it which is full of natsukashii 懐かしい memories for the Nismo Omori Factory team. They all laughed & talked about how many times they pulled it apart & put it back together again during the prototype stage.

Nismo VR38DETT - Nismo Ormori Factory


After my wallet lost 90% of its body fat & I was dehydrated from drooling too much. I said goodbye to my new friends at Nismo Omori Factory & left. If you make it here I have left a surprise for you. Before you leave GO TO THE BATHROOM! & don’t blame me if you spend 2 hours in there…. I’ve already said too much. Here are all the high res pictures I took with my Canon 6D. Feel free to post them & share them with your friends. But please be fair, give credit when it’s due & keep the logo on the picture :)

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