Mechanical Repairs

When Otaku Garage carry out any mechanical repairs on a customers car we hold communication as an importance in the process. Otaku Garage will contact the customer with a quote before carrying out any mechanical repairs.

Otaku Garage will always use high quality replacement parts & fluids when performing mechanical repairs on a customers vehicle. We consider our work to be the best in the industry & standby it. If ever there is a fault or problem with the work we have carried out we will endeavor to resolve the issue free of charge under warranty. Providing it was related to the mechanical repairs we carried out.

Otaku Garage is your one stop mechanical workshop for all your needs. We work on all makes & models and no job is too small or too big. Our Mechanics are all qualified, licensed and have over 20 years of mechanical experience. We are 110% confident that we can solve any and all mechanical issues you may be experiencing with your car.

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