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Dori Dore! – The drift & dress event of Japan

In Australia probably the best drift events we have are the Drift Matsuri's that happen across the country. When I attended my first drift matsuri it was at Queensland Raceway. I loved every moment of it. But recently, I experienced a drift event in Japan that had me so excited & adrenaline pumped that I [...]

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Why The Twin Turbo 180SX Wasn’t Running At Drift Matsuri

This year has been a massive year for us at Otaku Garage. The company has grown exponentially & we have been flat out non stop. As a young business man I find that I am always learning & the biggest lesson I learned this year is that sometimes things don't go as planned. A fairly [...]

Servicing Your Car

Over the years that Otaku Garage has been running we have found that many customers often ask the questions "What is a service?" & "Why do I need to service my car?". To someone that is "car savvy" you might consider this common sense, but in reality it's something that isn't widely educated & should not [...]

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The Nismo Omori Factory

Otaku Garage Japan this week went to the Nismo Omori Factory. The Nismo Omori Factory is the Nismo Global Headquarters. The Omori Factory is where Nismo makes all of their parts, builds all of their engines, cars & accessories. Their facility is also equipped with all the equipment needed to test & tune the cars [...]

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Tokyo Auto Salon 2016

The Tokyo Auto Salon was this weekend in Tokyo, Japan and Otaku Garage was there to connect with some of the big brands and legends in the JDM world. The Tokyo Auto Salon is something every car enthusiast should go to at least once in their life. It's full of everything you could imagine car scene [...]

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Nissan Global Headquarters – Yokohama, Japan

While kids were waking up early, bashing on their parents bedrooms doors or jumping on their beds to wake them up so they could open their presents and start using their new & highly flammable "hover board". I was on my way to Yokohama to the Nissan Global Headquarters. Christmas in Japan is not a public holiday at [...]

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Tokyo Motor Show 2015

Otaku Garage Japan is going amazing and some of the perks of living in Japan is the car related events here. This week I went to the 44th annual Tokyo Motor Show 2015 and it was full of all the latest and greatest new concept cars for the future from all of the car manufactures. [...]

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200SX S13 Otaku Garage Drift Car Update

Its been quite a while since the last update on the 200sx S13 Drift Car. This is because we got extremely busy & as you know one of the owners moved to Japan to run Otaku Garage Japan.  So lets give you an update. Before we get started lets talk about the car for a [...]

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